We do not take reservations




We are serving Friday evenings starting at 5pm!

*Please note that we do not accept reservations nor do takeout*


Friday, 12/3Scott Baer

Saturday, 12/4Ryan St. Onge

Friday, 12/10Bobby Sheehan

Saturday, 12/11Randy Messineo

Friday, 12/17Rek'lis Duo

Saturday, 12/18Rafe Matregrano

Sunday, 12/26Rafe Matregrano

Monday, 12/27Ryan St. Onge

Tuesday, 12/28Michael Loughlin

Wednesday, 12/29Bobby Sheehan

Thursday, 12/30Randy Messineo

Friday, 12/31Closed for Private Function

Saturday, 1/1Ryan St. Onge

Friday, 1/7Scott Baer

Saturday, 1/8Closed for Private Function

Sunday, 1/9Scott Baer

Friday, 1/14Bobby Sheehan

Saturday, 1/15Jeremy Holden

Sunday, 1/16Rek'lis Duo

Friday, 1/21TBD

Saturday, 1/22TBD

Sunday, 1/23Scott Baer

Friday, 1/28Ryan St. Onge

Saturday, 1/29Randy Messineo

Sunday, 1/30Rek'lis Duo

Friday, 2/4Rek'lis Duo

Saturday, 2/5Closed for Private Function

Sunday, 2/6Scott Baer

Friday, 2/11Bobby Sheehan

Saturday, 2/12Jeremy Holden

Sunday, 2/13Ryan St. Onge

Friday, 2/18TBD

Saturday, 2/19Randy Messineo

Sunday, 2/20Scott Baer

Monday, 2/21Ryan St. Onge

Tuesday, 2/22Randy Messineo

Wednesday, 2/23Al Shafner

Thursday, 2/24Al Shafner

Friday, 12/25Rafe Matregrano

Saturday, 2/26Randy Messineo

Sunday, 2/27Rek'lis Duo

Friday, 3/4Rafe Matregrano

Saturday, 3/5 Randy Messineo

Sunday, 3/6Scott Baer

Friday, 3/11Bobby Sheehan

Saturday, 3/12Ryan St. Onge

Sunday, 3/13Rek'lis Duo

Friday, 3/18Jeremy Holden

Saturday, 3/19Michael Loughlin

Friday, 3/25Ryan St. Onge

Saturday, 3/26Randy Messineo


We look forward to seeing you at the Shovel!!!



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Located at Whitney's Inn at Jackson Mountainside Resort ~ 357 Black Mountain Rd,Jackson, NH 03846 ~ Just two miles from the Jackson Village Loop.

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